My work has always followed a deep interest in aspects of ‘the feminine‘ and fairytale - an exploration of how best to depict a kind of traumatised beauty. 

Initially the work took the form of performances in which women executed strange, repetitive acts wearing garments and accessories made over many months, replete with sound and symbolism.

I work mainly with collage, drawing and painting.  In much of this work female protagonists aim to attain or maintain rigorous standards of surface aesthetics. Failing in this endeavour they instead invite examination of their fractured inner lives and the narrative threads which underpin their obsessive self-regard. 

Many of the girl-women I depict seem impotently frozen in time wearing exquisite clothes, or are impeccably dressed young ladies intent on annihilating and/or devouring unfortunate victims. 

Weaving together personal mythology and elements of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the English Rose series narrates the story of a fictional female botanist, futilely searching for the gene for an ‘English Rose’.

Ongoing small-scale sculptures are my own imperfect take on the symmetry and perfect beauty of Japanese Ikebana.

Throughout my practice themes of beauty, trauma, adornment and abjection have always been present.  In portraits or narratives in which these themes collide or uneasily co-exist, I have continued to go deeper into my subject matter, presenting an array of uncanny beauties.

I worked for 10 years as a mural artist in Sardinia, Italy, specialising in trompe l’oeil on both residential and commercial projects, before returning to the UK to study fine art. 



BA Fine Art (First class with Honours), Chelsea College of Art, London 2004-2007

Diploma in Foundation Studies, Chelsea College of Art, London 1999-2000


CGP London Annual Open, Cafe Gallery, Southwark Park, London 8-23 August 2015

CGP London Annual Open, Cafe Gallery, Southwark Park, London 26 Nov-14 Dec 2014

Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Bond House Gallery, New Cross, London 10-12 July 2014

Work in Progress, a tribute to James Joyce and his collaborators by Sumi Perera & Co, Bankside, London, June/July 2014

Project Two Thousand and Fourteen, online collaboration by Nicola Fitzsimmons, Jan-Dec 2014 (contribution 13 April 2014)

First Come First Served, Lion & Lamb Gallery, Hoxton, London 15 Dec 2013-11 Jan 2014

ZAP Open 2013 (part of Deptford X Arts Festival) selected by Susan Collis, Graham Crowley, Rosalind Davis, Annabel Tilley, Bond House Gallery, New Cross, London 26 Sept-5 Oct 2013

I am the Warrior, (a Juneau Projects event with Worcester Open), Worcester Museum & Art Gallery, Worcester, 13-27 July 2013

Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Bond House Gallery, New Cross, London 18-20 July 2013

Modern Beauties, Grade 2 listed building, SE London, 8-11 May 2013

400 Women, Shoreditch Town Hall, London 2010, touring exhibition - Amsterdam 2012

inconclusion, Islington Arts Factory, London 2008

Forget me, Gristle Mountain artists’ collective, Fort Brockhurst, Hampshire 2008

Top 25 London Graduates, Salon Contemporary, Westbourne Grove, London 2007


Transition Gallery Editions: Arty 24 - Entertainment

Work in private collections in the US and Europe

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